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The following is a list of Internet based support groups for people who have or will be adopting from China.

     A-parents-china (Yahoo Group)
     16,000+ member yahoo group for those in the process of adopting or who have adopted from

     China Centre for Adoption Affairs
     International Adoption Help discussion of  the Chinese governmental
     agency responsible for all Chinese adoptions

     Create A Family
     Information of family creation options, including international adoption.

     One Sky
     Orphan and adoptive family support

     Our Chinese Daughters Foundation (Yahoo Group)
     Culture programs, orphan support program and adoptive family support

     RaisingChinaChildren (Yahoo Group)
     3300+ member yahoo group for parents of preschooler and school age kids adopted from China

     Post-adopt-china (Yahoo Group)
     5000+ member yahoo group for parents who have adopted from China.

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