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The following is a list of Internet links to miscellaneous sites that provide information relating to China and Chinese adoption.

Adoption Information
     Adoption.org - Stroll the adoption neighborhood
     Adoption.com - Your international adoption portal 

Asian American Groups
     Asian-American Society of Central Virginia
     Organization of Chinese Americans - Central Virginia Chapter 

     Central Virginia Chinese School      Little Linguists Academy

International Adoption Clinics

     University of Virginia                    University of Minnesota
     Johns Hopkins University           Growth chart for Chinese children

Products and Services
     Precious Baby Dolls - Dolls from around the world.
     Blessed Kids - Translations, child histories, care packages, letters
     SSO Translations - Translation Services
     Quit Day - Asian Americans and Smoking

     White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou
     The TIES Program                                     Squidoo - Homeland Tour Info

     Tobacco Free Life                                      Your Fertility Friend 

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